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Prose and Poetry competition winners 2012

Short Story category

Judged by Alison Moore

1st Lucy Hume Snow
2nd Jennifer Bailey An Accident
3rd Rachael Dunlop The Twenty-Year Cataclysm

Highly Commended: Anna Brown Seeing Mother Off

Longlist: S.J. Bradley, Julia Breens, Sallie Durham, Kim Fleet, Michael Forester, Jonathan Haylett, David Winston Lee, Carmel Lillis, Paul McGranaghan, Mihaela Nicolescu, Niall ÓSioradáin, Madeline Parsons, Gayle Pescud, Dewi Pritchard, Dan Purdue, Emma Seaman, Fleur Smithwick, Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, Nemone Thornes.

Finalists: Princess Monrufat Ayelotan, Rosemary Dun, Margorie Fisher, Louise Gibney, Eileen Kelley, Suzanne Lively, Alison Love, Kate McLean, Christopher Mowbray, Elfary Pinat, Liza Potvin, Matthew Rademaker, Kate Robinson, Dorothy Schwarz, Laura Solomon, Ericka Olsen Stefano.

Microfiction category

Judged by David Gaffney

1st Alison Wassell I Blame The Parents
2nd Saskia McCracken Signing 
3rd Tania Hershman At Didcot Parkway

Highly Commended: Julia Banim Green Throated Bottles; Eli Goldstone Four Roses; Ericka Olsen Stefano Dusty Roads

Longlist: Kate Allan, Silvia Anspach, Anna Cullum, Justin Davies, Danielle de Valera, Peter Domican, Ian Dudley, Nicole Dunaway, Tracy Fells, Caroline Carey Finn, William L. Hauser, Andrew Haysey, Sue Hoffmann, Mandy Huggins, Sue Johnson, Alison Lock, Fiona Malby, Bill McGowan, Kate Montgomery, Valerie Sirr, Rebecca Skipwith, Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, Joyce Walker, Jenna-Marie Warnecke.

Finalists: Megan Ball, Sarah Barry, James Coward, Julie Freeborn, Adele Gannon, Moze Jacobs, Gayle Letherby, Erik Löfroth, Rupan Malakin, Kerry Mayo, Danielle McLaughlin, Lynne Quarrell, Ali Rae, Jane Wade Scarlet, Christopher Stanley, Sylvia Thomson, Rachel Twyford, Gordon Williams.

Poetry Collection category

Judged by Pascale Petit

1st Melissa Lee-Houghton Joseph
2nd Christopher North Beneath Aguilar
3rd Virginia Astley Solvitur Ambulato

Highly Commended: Laura Seymour Of The Spider In The Morning; Nicola Warwick Muntjac and other poems

Honourable Mentions: Princess Monrufat Ayelotan, Stephen Beattie, Maria Bennett, Jane Blank, Bob Clay, Margaret Eddershaw, John Foggin, Jenifer Kahawatte, Clare O’Reilly, Corrinna Toop, James Trevelyan, Sarah Williams.

Single Poem category

Judged by Pascale Petit

1st Robin Houghton Midnight Pickup
2nd Jacqueline Haskell Hagoromo
3rd Richard Sellwood Pomegranate

Highly Commended: James Penn Yn Cholloo; Nicola Warwick Selchie

Honourable Mentions: Maria Apichella, Pam Beaumont, Lyn Browne, Fiona Cartwright, Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, Sallie Durham, Meg Eden, Rebecca Gethin, Alex Josephy, Simon Kensdale, Usha Kishore, Char March, Julie Mellor, Peter Mitchell, Elly Nobbs.

Essay / Article category

Judged by Alex Gazzola

1st Annie Whitehead Twitter Is Not Birdsong 
2nd Christopher Mowbray That’s The Right Way
3rd Andrew McGuinness The Tree Whisperer

Highly Commended: Greg Arculus Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

Longlist: Julia Anderson, John Bainbridge, Sara Bellini, Geoffrey Boxall, Rosalind Davies, Tracy Fells, Michael Forester, Amy Harrold, Maureen Kishtaini, Carmel Lillis, David McVey, Joe Neal, Trish Nicholson, Jacqui Rochford, Catherine Stewart.

Prose and Poetry competition winners 2011

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Short Story category

Judged by Jonathan Pinnock, who has had over a hundred stories and poems published, and his novel Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens (Proxima Books) was published last year.

1st Lezanne Clannachan Burial

2nd Giovanna Iozzi Little Dogs

3rd Annalie Grainger After

Very Highly Commended: Anna Mazzola Treasure

Highly Commended: Faith Barnes Close To Zero; Clare Girvan The Killing Sea; Elizabeth Janzen Tips For Girls; Leo Madigan The Protest of Abel; Louis Malloy Burning the Acropolis; Alison Moore Trees in the Tarmac.

Longlist: Kerry Barner Decorating the Soul; Kate Coldstream Bergamot; Ruth Davis The Last Place; Sarah Evans Acclimatising; T.D. Griggs Julius; Jonathan Haylett A Face in the Crowd; Richard Hulse Tape; Michael Lundy Brothers; Madeline Parsons The West’s Awake; Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn The Weight of the Rucksack

Finalists: : Emily Benet The Repossession; Tracy Fells Through the Arched Window; Christine Findlay Denial; Lynne Henderson The Masterpiece; Anthony Howcroft One Page Ahead; Sally Howgate The Admiral’s Daughter; S.M.Powley Mister Charisma; Dorothy Schwarz Final Solution; Ryan Scott The Esteemed Order of Albino Rabbits; Geraldine Stoneham The Man Who Fell To Earth; Christian Westerlind Wigstrom No Questions Answered

Microfiction category

Judged by Catherine Smith, who writes poetry, fiction and radio drama. Twice shortlisted for the Forward Prize, her short story collection, The Biting Point, was published last year.

1st Heather Reed Curly Girl

2nd Valerie Sirr The Bridge

3rd Jolanta Burgoyne-Johnson wild-berries

Highly Commended: Jacqueline Haskell SD; Alison Moore The Yacht Man

Commended: Alison Moore The Smell of the Slaughterhouse ; Martha Williams There Will Be No Lace

Longlist: John Bainbridge When The Chalk Dust Settles; Richard Bond Lament For The Yellow Labelled Professor; Eve Bonham Sweet Temptation; Ryan Coull Harry’s Longest Night; B V Crowder On The Towpath; Anna Cullum Jasmine and Wet Grass; K S Dearsley Lunch at the Zoo; Jo Derrick Dying Flowers; Peter Domican The Last Last Ride; Tracy Fells Miss Scarlet In The Shed; Tania Hershman A Loyal Friend; Angela Higson Fruit and Nut; Sue Johnson Mincemeat; Michael Lundy Layton Hollingsworth; Patricia Mahoney Moving; Patricia Nicholson Transpositions; Eithne Nightingale Foucault over the Garden Fence; Deborah Rickard Resuscitation and Restoration; Mike Roe Shell Shocked; Abigail Shaw The Last; Lucy Shuttleworth Blue Bird; Sheriden Turner Then It Was Autumn Again; Connal Vickers Just Fishing

Poetry collection category

Judged by Bill Greenwell, whose first collection, Impossible Objects (Cinnamon), was shortlisted for the Forward Best First Collection prize.

1st Jo Hemmant The First

2nd David Underdown Being History

3rd Jennifer Copley Hartley’s Boat

Highly Commended: Alex Josephy A Bottle of Birds and a Box of Ginger Pills; Jacqui Rochford Journeys.

Commended: Cheryl Carman Collection of 6 poems; Tom Cunliffe Nest + 6 poems; Cora Greenhill Xenia; David Grubb The Blue Violin.

Honourable Mentions: John Foggin Advice to a Traveller; Heather Harrison Sea Changed; Melissa Lee-Houghton Come Over + 8 poems; Leland James Collection of 7 poems; Alesha Racine Nana; Sarah Williams Reaction; Alison Winch He Loves The Bones Of Her.

Single Poem category

Judged by Bill Greenwell.

1st Anna Kisby Archives

2nd Carol Carpenter The Sky is Falling

3rd Alison Michell Slate

Highly Commended: Colin Begg The Snow Leopard at Wannsee; Fred Brown Picture at an Exhibition; David Frankel Incident; Peter Goulding Long Wave; Mark Holihan Life Residue; Alison Michell Surface Tension; Alesha Racine Outlander; Paul Smith Comfortable; Josie Turner The House of the Dead.

Honourable Mentions: Patricia Ace Laptop; Colin Begg The Snow Leopard at Carsaig; Clive Eastwood Footprint and Pamplona; Bruce Harris Swimmer and Fisher; Mark Holihan Remembering Zaire at Breakfast; Richard Hughes Espionage; Desmond Kon If Jeffrey Smart Painted James Joyce.

Essay / Article category

Judged by Sally Quilford, columnist and fiction writer whose short stories and novellas have appeared in popular British women’s magazines.

1st Brigid Smith Solomon Tsehaye Beraki: an African Homer?

2nd Charlotte Clutterbuck Untrue Sentences

3rd Sharon Birch The Moose, The Muse, or Just Our Harry

Highly Commended: Julia Anderson Pink Fluffy Earmuffs & Long Purple Gloves; William Wood My Ideal Editor; Hilary Middleton Love Your Notebook.

Thank you to everyone who entered their work, we hope you’ll do so again this time around.

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Prose and Poetry competition winners 1997-2010

The winning writers in the eleventh annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2010 (judges Susannah Rickards, Helen Ivory, Lynne Hackles) are published in The Collection 2010 (TNW 107):
Short story: Jo Campbell (1st), Nemone Thornes, Melanie Whipman.
Novella: Hana Sklenkova (1st).
Poetry collection: Sharon Black (1st), Louisa Tomlinson, Louise Wilford.
Single poem: Louisa Tomlinson (1st), Jennifer L. Olds, Sharon Black.
Essay/article: Jackie Winter (1st), David McVey, Julia Anderson.

The winning writers in the tenth annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2009 (judges Vanessa Gebbie, Abi Curtis, Nicholas Corder) are published in The Collection 2009 (TNW 103):
Short story: Judi Moore (1st), Gill Belchetz, MP Stanley.
Novella: Alison Moore (1st).
Poetry collection: Maitreyabandhu (1st), Sharon Black, Rebecca Goss.
Single poem: Sharon Black (1st), Louisa Tomlinson, Louise Wilford.
Essay/article: Dorothy Schwarz (1st), William Wood, David McVey.

The winning writers in the ninth annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2008 (judges Sarah Salway, Clare Pollard, Maureen Carter) are published in The Collection 2008 (TNW 97):
Short story: Clare Girvan (1st), Leslie Forbes, Kerry Hood.
Novella: Alex Sheal (1st).
Poetry collection: Victor Tapner (1st), Cliff Forshaw, Pat Borthwick.
Single poem: Hannah Lowe (1st), Pat Borthwick, Louise Wilford.
Essay/article: Lynn Bushell (1st), Ann MacLaren, David McVey.

The winning writers in the eighth annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2007 (judges Jacob Polley, Andrew McGuinness) are published in The Collection 2007 (TNW 91):
Short story: Louis Malloy (1st), Cathy Whitfield, Alexandra Fox, Elizabeth Janzen.
Novella: David Winston Lee (1st)
Poetry collection: Alesha Racine (1st), Rebecca Goss, Anna Woodford.
Single poem: Noel Williams (1st), Clare Jay, Ryan Scott.
Essay/article: Ann Stevens (1st), Julia Anderson, Anita Loughrey.

The winning writers in the seventh annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2006 (judges Robyn Young, Robert Seatter) are published in The Collection 2006 (TNW 85):
Short story: Wes Lee (1st), James Gering, Cathy Whitfield.
Novella: Lucy Byrne (1st)
Poetry collection: Graham Clifford (1st), Jennifer Copley, Jacqui Rowe, Rebecca Goss.
Single poem: Christine Coleman (1st), Katy Darby, David Mark Williams.
Essay/article: Ann MacLaren (1st), Tim Daly, Paul F. Newman.

The winning writers in the sixth annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2005 (judges Mimi Thebo, Jane Draycott) are published in The Collection 2005 (TNW 79):
Short story: Lucy Nathan (1st), Cathy Whitfield, Alexandra Fox.
Novella: Michele McCrea (1st)
Poetry collection: Julian Stannard, Tim Field (1st=), Sarah Salway.
Single poem: Sue Moules (1st), Elizabeth Gowing, Judi Marsh.
Essay/article: Germaine Stafford (1st), Sally Zigmond, David Lazell.

The winning writers in the fifth annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2004 (judges Margaret Graham, Ros Barber, Judy Strachan) are published in The Collection 2004 (TNW 73):
Short story: Carol Anderson (1st), Mo McAuley, Teresa O’Brien.
Novella: Dorothy Schwarz (1st)
Poetry collection: Peter Hoggarth (1st), Paul McLoughlin, Jennifer Copley.
Single poem: Alesha Mae Racine (1st), J.A.Priestman, Julie Lynn.
Essay/article: Sue Johnson (1st), Irene Black, David McVey.

The winning writers in the fourth annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2003 (judges Phil Whitaker, Jackie Wills, Suzanne Ruthven) are published in The Collection 2003 (TNW 67):
Short story: Andrew McGuinness (1st), Katy Darby, Ellen Quigley, Paul Cuddihy, Mark Wagstaff. Novella: Julian Thomas (1st)
Poetry collection: David Grubb (1st), Hubert Moore, Pam Calabrese MacLean.
Single poem: Mario Petrucci (1st), Julie-ann Rowell, Colin Watts.
Essay/article: A L Black (1st), Judy Strachan, David Roberts.

The winning writers in the third annual Prose & Poetry Prizes 2002 (judges Alan Brunstrom, Sally Spedding, Shelagh Nugent) are published in The Collection 2002 (TNW 61):
Short story: Judi Moore (1st), Peter Kay, Penny Davidmann.
Novella: Alan Franks (1st).
Poetry collection: David Grubb (1st), Cliff Forshaw, Catherine Smith.
Single poem: Siriol Troup (1st), Celia De Freine, Janet Batchelor, Richard Rhydderch. Essay/article: Fiona Curnow (1st), Jane Eagland, David Roberts.

The winning writers in the second Prose & Poetry Prizes 2001 (judges Julia Widdows, Maureen Carter) are published in The Collection 2001 (TNW 55):
Short story: Mark Brown (1st), Elizabeth Iddon, Ann Jolly.
Novella: Gill Hancock (1st).
Poetry collection: Katy Darby (1st), Carla Jetko, Alison Binney, Kate Rhodes.
Single poem: Christine Coleman (1st), Catherine Smith, Derrick Porter.
Essay/article: Sally Zigmond (1st), Dorothy Cleal, Tan Mackay.

The winning writers in the Prose & Poetry Prizes 2000 (judges Simon Scarrow, Alys Clare) are published in The Collection 2000 (TNW 49):
Short story: Julia Widdows (1st), Laurie McTaggart, Alison Love.
Novella: Jamie Walsh (1st).
Poetry collection: Judith Lal (1st), Erina Harris, Nigel McLoughlin.
Single poem: Carla Jetko (1st), Ann Leahy, Joy Winkler.
Essay/article: Gillian Prudden (1st), Jane Wenham-Jones, Maureen Gallagher.

The winning poets in the third Poetry Prizes 1999 (judges Amanda White, Paul Groves) are published in The Bread We Live By:
Poetry collection: John Halladay (1st), Felicity Napier, Catherine Smith, Ros Barber, Clive Simpson.
Single poem: Simon Rees-Roberts (1st), Fiona Curnow, Gervaise Vaz, Chris Beckett, Edmund Cusick, Antony Dunn, Charles Evans, Kerry Hardie, Jane McNulty, Lesley Mountain, Lynne Rees, Dan Wyke.

The winning poets in the second Poetry Prizes 1998 (judges Ros Barber, Paul Henry) are published in the 94 page paperback The Piano On Fire:
Poetry collection: Julie-Ann Rowell (1st), Hilary Jayne, Catherine Smith, Nell Farrell, Karen Kuehne Annesen, Susannah Rickards, Sandrine Tiller.
Single poem: Andrew Dilger (1st), Fiona Curnow, Paul Groves, Jim Carruth, Nicolette Golding, Giles Goodland, David Grubb, Rima Handley, Judy Johnson, Mario Petrucci, Amanda White.

The winning poets in the first Poetry Prizes 1997 (judges Sue Butler, Mario Petrucci) are published in the 96 page paperback What Will We Do When We Get There?:
Poetry collection: Mark Granier (1st), Ros Barber, Celia de Frine, John Hilton, William Dryland, Tinker Mather.
Single poem: Jenny Lewis (1st), Martyn Lowery, Lynne Elson, Emma-Jane Arkady, Nigel Black, Alma Brayden, Edmund Cusick, Mike Elam, John Halladay, Hilary Jayne, Linda Lamus, Jenny Morris, Antony Nicholls, Chris Raetschus, Elizabeth Rapp, Alyss Thomas, Carmen Walton.